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Tommy & Abby Anton: Guestbook

Dennis Nobile

January 12, 2016

Saw you at A&B in Princeton. (I was the last man sitting) Enjoyed your music very much. Look forward to seeing and hearing you again soon.

Paul Weiss

May 29, 2015

Hi Abby,

I'm your cousin Paul (Son of Shelly and Faye Weiss). So glad to hear you're still making music. All the best,
Paul Weiss

Linda White

October 22, 2014

Hi Tommy and Abby,
Great to meet you! Love your music...

Victoria Andalucia

January 4, 2014

Hi, Tommy and Abby.
Happy New Year! I am now your neighbor at 506 Bradley Blvd . . .just until March, when I will be moving to Florida.
I haven't seen you lately at the drumming events - I hope you are both very well.
I didn't see any events listed on your calendar - are you playing locally?
Take care. Namaste.


September 18, 2013

I discovered you through Dara and I just love your energy and music! Thank you for sharing!


September 10, 2013

Thanks for taking such good care of our Dara during such challenging times! I loved "meeting" you and Abby in her videos. Now part of "our family" ;)

beth sam kevin rosie ipsy

October 8, 2012

you are amazing! sitting at the kitchen table listening to your beautiful music

Gregory W Irish

September 4, 2011

We saw you in Asbury Park at the Move for Hunger drive event and I loved your music. Your wife and yourself are an inspiration and very talented.

Lara Noble

August 6, 2011

Hello Tommy and Abby :) I loved happening upon your music performing in the huge air tunnel at Asbury Park! I am Lara, the red-head...I danced barefoot to your beautiful version of a song of which I now cannot remember..perhaps you remember the day.. Its really great to see your website and learn more about your history...and upcoming events. Thank you for your musical sincerity... Here is a song of mine I put up on youtube to share..Looking forward to putting up more.. Looking forward to seeing you both again sometime soon :) ~Lara )*

Tracy "Ms G" Graves

June 27, 2011

Tommy & Abby-
Didn't know there were such fabulous and enlightened people in "da fam"! I look forward to experiencing your gifts live. It was a pleasure seeing you - thanks for coming out to the gig at Uva. Please keep in touch - I'm joining your mailing list & have added you to mine.
Stay well, peace & be safe & brightest blessings to you!

Bob & Denise

June 27, 2011

Really enjoyed the CD...wish I had it autographed...yours is on the way, hope you enjoy it!
Stay Well

love letter nation

December 7, 2010

THANK YOU tommy and abby!
thank you for bringing your magical music and energy to Ka Saatha. Your music is truly a cosmic awakening that left me feeling joy and peace. I feel so honored and grateful for your illuminated selves to agree to become apart of such a special event and cause that is so close to my heart.
as swami rama says"the most ancient traveler of this universe is the stream of life that sings and dances in its joy from eternity to eternity. In the ecstasy of meeting the Beloved, it finally unites with the ocean of bliss. From the beginning to the end there is a perennial sound, but on various pitches which make seven key notes . In music all over the world there are seven key key notes, which personify seven levels of consciousness. These sounds make one aware of the various levels of consciousness and finally lead one to the fountain of consciousness, from where arises the stream of life which vibrates in all directions." your music leads me to higher consciousness!!! your flow of sounds come from not only your vocal cords but a inner chamber of your being. THANK YOU for sharing your light and touching our hearts with you beautiful music.
I look forward to future shows and tasting your raw food treats!:D
Love & Appreciation,

Peg Cappadonna

November 9, 2010

Tommy, Your song Hollow Bamboo is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I am reading Conscious Language and this song helps reinforce what I am learning and makes things clearer. Thanks for sharing your gift of music and words. In the light and the love and the glory...Peg
(I am Krystalle & Arttemis Keszainns mom and so very thankful for their love and encouragement and sharing this song with me.)

Cheryl Lichter

September 11, 2010

Saw you today at Oysterfest enjoyed your sound somewhat reminded me of Jim Croce and John Denver back in the day!

Krystalle Keszainn

September 3, 2010

I love your new photos Tommy - especially "Abby as Wood Nymph" - Awesome! I am blessed to know you and love you!

Dean H. Crandell

January 17, 2010

Hey Tommy, I saw you at SolFest a couple years ago, and never forgot the experience. I wish I had heard more than the few songs I caught. A friend of mine just saw Freebo at a neighbor's house. He's a traveling minstrel too. I thought of you. I'm sending him this link. If you head to FL., he might be able to catch your performance. Peace,
Dean H. - the guy who always yells "Play Freebird".


December 6, 2009

Hi Tommy, I met you July 3rd 2007 in Arkansas. I was in wal-mart parking lot and had just come from the national gathering that you were thinking of heading to. Just wanted to thank you again for sheltering me from the rain. Wishing you the best.

Nick Hein

September 6, 2009

We met and talked at Raw Spirit - East. I'm planning to be at Prescott as well, hope to see you there.

Leigh Peret

September 3, 2009

Thanks for the ride at Raw Spirit. I'm Lucky's mom. Are you coming to Prescott?


September 1, 2009

Hey Tommy i meet you last week at a jersey shore, im the guy from france, you gavce me your sticker and i put it on my car in france ahahah

Take care Tommy.